The butchery


Ecocarn is not trying to compete with ordinary butcher shops, but rather to offer a diferent type of product to the consumer. The few farmers that breed ecologic cows use the red menorcan cows, because they don't carry as much milk and are more agile, which results in a very diferent kind of meat.

Ecocarn is one of the pioneer companies when it comes to ecological meat. We don't use chemical products to preserve the meat, because scientific investigation has shown that this type of products harms public health. The result is this fact is visible: when you prepare a steak on the grill you can often see foam or water come out. These are in fact the chemical products which evaporate, after which the steak is left with have the volume and weight. This doesn't happen with an ecological steak. However, the duration of the meat is shorter and it has to be consumed quickly. For that reason the production is smaller but of a superior quality.