Like all other products of Ecocarn, the lamb meat responds to some extraordinary quality requirements. Thanks to the optimum and rational usage of resources, it's taste and it's texture are incomparable. The different parts of lamb you can find in Ecocarn are the following:

1- Coll: most of it is fat and it's sold together with bone. Gelatinous meat used to make stews.

2.- Espatlla: the front limb of the animal, meaning the front paws. It's meat is very tender and juicy and is used as a whole to roast or in pieces to prepare stews.

3.-Costelles: the "costelles" come from the loin of the animal. There are two types: costelles de pal and costelles de ronyonada. They can be prepared on the grill or in the oven.

4.-Falda: situated under the loin, it's one of the fattest pieces, very appreciated for it's taste. It's meat is very gelatinous an is used to make stews.

4.- Pit: meat of inferior quality and with a lot of fat. Situated between coll and falda.

5.-Cuixa: the rear limb, i.e. the hind legs. Normally you can buy it in different ways: the whole piece to roast, cut into slices to fry or to grill, boneless to coat or to fry and finally we can also find it in dices to cook.