Our meat


Ecocarn aims to introduce new, healthier and more sustainable eating habits in the diet of the island’s population. To achieve this, we are aware of the rules we have to follow. We know that it is essential to recover old customs so as to re-establish the relationship between ecological stock breeding and agriculture, rejecting any method of animal mass production, which have begun to gain weight in many of today’s large fast food companies. Our company guarantees to its clients that the animal meat that we provide has not been subjected to any chemicals substance, synthetic additive, or anything of that sort and that the animal has grown in its habitat in a totally natural and free manner. It’s because of this that our meat is of top quality, has an incomparable taste and texture and at the same time favours the sustainability of stock breeding.

In Ecocarn you can find all sorts of products:

- Veal

- Lamb

- Pork

- Chicken

- Manufactured products (hamburgers, skewers, sausages, etc)