Pork or pig meat is one of the most consumed meats around the world. Moreover, almost all the parts of this animal are used. This reinforces the need to foster the feeding and habitat of pigs. so that it grows healthy and it's meat is healthy and tasty. At Ecocarn we are aware of this fact and for this reason we offer pork meat of the highest quality you can find on the market. The different parts of the pork you can fins at Ecocarn are the following:

1.-Cuixa: the rear limb of the animal, i.e. the hind paws. It's the noble part of the pork, used to make steaks, to coat or to grill.

2.-Llom: soft type of slice which doesn't have much fat. Appropriate for roast and fillet.

2.-Costelles: much appreciated piece of meat to grill, but it can also be used in stews.

3.- Cansalada and panxeta: it's the fat that covers the back of the animal. Fat piece used to elaborate bacon.

4.- Paleta: front limbs of the animal, meaning the front paws. Usually consider of inferior quality than the hind limbs. Appropriate for roasts, mince or stew.